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dressedinyellow's Journal

went upstairs to kiss her fellow
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Once Upon A Time...

This is a place for fairy tales. And dreams. And poetry. And stories. And everything you ever played out in your head and wished would happen so you didn't have to deal with the rest of the day.

For every time you looked at the parking lot and wished it was an enchanted forest. Or saw a plain house and imagined a castle in its place. Or watched that boy in science class and prayed he'd be a prince in disguise.

Haven't we all?

Necessary lies and we all have a few. Yeah it might be poison, but that enchanted apple tastes oh so good.

Post poetry, writings, pictures, favorite poems or song lyrics, dreamy musings. The things that keep you going and keep you dreaming. Make your own beauty because this world just hasn't got enough.

A bit of classic, a bit of now, and just enough jazz to make it swing.

Your Lovely New Mod,

P.S.- Princes absolutely welcome as well; it's not just for the princesses. Come on, convince us that chivalry isn't dead yet.

P.P.S.- And for the long posts, we all love those "lj-cut"s, by the way. ^_-

Play nicely, we're all here for the same reason.