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black night...java style

"i will never tell you i love you...i can't do it anymore, you'll just have to figure it out by yourself"

as if by my own imagination you came back
but as merely a figment
you place me ahead of yourself...sometimes
you devour me with your eyes
what is this?
this is no love
and will never be
am i an object of affection
i'm not your only one
you cannot promise yourself to me
you will no longer belong to anyone
for fear of rejection i cannot tell you of my love
you would never respond
still i wait
for a call that would never come
i look for you
in a place you will never be
yet your never too far away

cross my boundaries
bury my soul
tie my arms
and take me whole
lick my neck
and spit me out
you are a black knight
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